I support new forms of human progress by working with the principles of living systems and the wisdom of nature.

The aim of The Bio-Leadership Project, founded in 2016, is to support more generative, adaptive and responsible human systems by working in partnership with the systems we are part of.

Alongside the Bio-Leadership Project, I am co-founder of Way of Nature UK, which is about hosting deeply transformative experiences in nature. At the heart of the Way of Nature process is the practice of going on a ‘quest’ alone into the wild – a process that I take much care and respect in guiding for others. 

I have worked and learnt with elders and teachers from around the world, as well as first class partners in organisational learning and development. Today I work with people and institutions such as Patagonia, the World Benchmarking Alliance and the Amani Institute, and many wonderful individuals working to support new forms of progress towards a safe, long-lasting and inspiring future for all people and all planet.

I believe that our lives and human structures have become desperately disconnected from our natural systems, and that we are at an important point in history, where we might choose to realign.

I believe that to grow whole worlds, we must start as whole selves.

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