1 to 1 Natural Wisdom Counsel

Modern life is intense. It is fast and busy. It is demanding. And it is rooted in a strange kind of disconnection. How are we supposed to find purpose, peace or wisdom amidst this modern maelstrom?

I work individually and with small groups to find new ways of living and working with greater meaning and wholeness, inspired by nature. Through this work we explore qualities such as stillness, presence, awareness, connection and resilience. We explore these things not just as ideas but as ways of being in the body and heart. We also look to nature for deeper sources of wisdom – we look at how things work in cycles and in relationships rather than fixed states or states of separation. And again, this is about deepening a felt exploration of these things – not just holding them as abstract concepts. By doing this – by undergoing a journey of being as much as doing – I believe we bring about a different quality of life, work, and connection to the extraordinary world we are part of.

Practically, I normally work with a small number of individuals or groups at a time. We begin by setting an intention for the work, often framed as an inquiry question, and from there set number of sessions through which to work in cycles of conversation, action and reflection. Typically I recommend this to be a minimum of 3 sessions and we can do this virtually. Please note I try to work with only a small group of people at any one time so there may be a little wait to begin a process.

To find out more, please use the contact form on this site, letting me know a little more about the kind of question or inquiry you are working with. I will send some additional information, and if it feels like a good fit we can set up a call to begin working together.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. I look forward to connecting!