Alone on a mountain and getting free

Time alone in Nature can transform lives. I received the following from a participant from one of our Wild Nature Quests last October…

(She writes this as if it were synopsis for a story about her life, so it’s in the third person.)

‘Sitting naked, totally alone, on top of a deserted mountain, eyes shut, feeling the warmth of the sun on her skin and hearing the swoosh of the wind as it passed through the eagles feathers flying above her, she realised for the first time in her life… Like really realised, properly, felt, understood, connected with the undisputable fact that we, it, everything is all just made of the same stuff. The rock that she sat on for hours at a time, the butterflies that entertained her during her 24 hours alone, the sun that warmed her in the day, the moon and stars that fascinated her a night. The realisation felt calming and relaxing and comforting and as she pondered on this a little bit more she felt totally and utterly irrelevant .. And that was humbling and gratifying and embarrassingly obvious. She was utterly irrelevant and she would try to never forget it ..’

Months after the event, having sent this to me, she told me how she has taken a leap of faith in life. Her world has changed and she is happier. There are answers in the wild, and they point to our own wildness inside.


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