21st Century Life Workshops

What does it take to live well in the 21st Century?

I’ve spent a big part of my life exploring different kinds of balance and progress. I sort of jumped out of the main system, I have studied with wise men and women all around the world, and I have gone deep into nature to find answers. Today, I can’t say I have any answers exactly, but I have some great ingredients that seem to help.

I’ve developed these workshops to help lead life in a different way in the 21st Century. Here we let go of conventional ideas about progress and success and focus on themes that feel more human. One workshop is about Being, another is about Balance, and another is about Purpose.


In the 21st Century we are addicted to action and outcomes. But wise men and women say that by living life in the ‘now’, life can feel better, and we can get better at life. This workshop is about doing this: opening our senses, our awareness and our different capacities for being. This is also about connecting to the bigger picture: yourself, other people, and the world around. The aim is to feel more focused, more content, and better equipped for other parts of life and work.

London, May 14th at Evolve Wellbeing Centre.

South West, Date TBC


This workshop is about qualities such as integrity, balance and resilience. These things are at the heart of a healthy system, but we hardly get a chance to develop them as people. This workshop makes space to do exactly this. Here we look at the contrast between push and pull; order and disorder; yin and yang and masculine and feminine. We will explore these forces in ourselves, how to use them in constructive ways, how to balance them, and how to use them to make a difference in life and work.

London, September 17th

South West, Date TBC


Many of us are striving to find more meaning in life, but feel locked into lives that don’t feel so meaningful. This workshop gets into ideas about purpose, combining interesting perspectives about meaning alongside ideas and tools from ancient wisdom cultures. Here we also go deep into the perspective of constant change. How do we look at life through a deeper sense that everything is changing, all of the time? Stepping into this deeper place, we can find different perspectives on identity, relationships and growth. What is the point of this workshop? To help find deeper purpose and wonder in life.

London, November 19th

South West, Date TBC

More about the workshops

These workshops complement each other, and they are about bringing these qualities to life as an individual and through this changing aspects of life and work. Most of the workshops involve little ventures into nature, who I think is the best teacher, and I also sometimes invite special guests to bring something extra here and there. As much as anything, the workshops are a conversation and a community. No one has black and white answers to any of this stuff, but sharing ideas and experiences will help us do good things as a whole – and that’s part of the plan.

(Image: Eduardo Kobra mural in Vila Madalena, Sao Paulo, Brazil)