Some articles about my work and ideas:

Lessons from the Wild – Deep Capacities for Change: An account of seven days alone in the wild, John P. Milton’s Way of Nature teachings – and what it all means for organisational learning and leadership development.

Learning Revolutions: Some thoughts on how Foundations and NGOs can have more impact by working more collaboratively and adopting an organisational learning approach.

Creativity and Different Ways of Knowing: Some ideas about how play, art and creativity can support collaborative learning and Knowledge Management. Check out the bit on ‘different ways of knowing’, which says a little more about why we must learn not just with head but hands and heart too.

Shifting From Organisations to ‘Organisings’: Perspectives on how to develop more dynamic, fluid and nimble ways of working and moving as wholes – and how this is all rooted in a shift in thinking from left to right brain thinking.

Being a Learning Company: An account of how Kessels & Smit, where I was a UK based colleague, set out to help others be great learning organisations by being a great learning organisation.

How to be Creative: Some of my earliest ideas – all the more relevant now, about adapting aspects of art, music and play to support healthier and more dynamic organisations and communities.


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