What I learnt from Nature in 2016

Coming to the end of the year, my Way of Nature partner and I decided to write some lessons from 2016. I guess Nature would want us to do more of these things in 2017.

  1. Learning to notice

I am learning to notice things better, and to help other people slow down to really notice things. I am learning that when we do this, the natural pattern of things reveal themselves. I am learning that the London tube is a good place to practice noticing. I am learning more and more about how Nature helps people notice themselves.

  1. Learning from Autumn and Winter

I am learning about how we get stuck in summer. I mean an attitude of summer – always wanting to be busy or growing or on show. I am learning from autumn about changing and dying. I am learning from winter about being still and in the dark. I am trying to learn new ways of looking at these things when other people see the world differently.

  1. Learning about polarisation

I am learning about how people divide themselves. I am trying to learn why and how it happens. I am learning that all parties play a role in polarisation. I am also learning how Nature stays healthy by not polarising. I am trying to learn how our work with Nature sits with all of this.

  1. Learning to let go

I am learning about letting go. The world doesn’t need another hierarchy, or pyramid or cult. If we wanted to benefit from being more like Nature, then I think we need to let go of control. Our Open Evolution and The Bio-Leadership Project are about bringing this to life. Nature and my girlfriend are good teachers in the complex world of letting go.

  1. Learning to celebrate

I am learning about celebrating the smallest things. I am learning from the wise man I met last year, who celebrates his first sip of water each morning. I am learning to celebrate being alive more of the time. It’s quite a show, after all.

  1. Learning that something is coming

I am learning that something different is coming from Nature. The world spiralling in all kinds of directions, but every day I speak to people who are doing such amazing things with purpose and Nature and adventure in life. And I’m learning that what we do or what anyone else does isn’t ‘the answer’. It’s just part of the ride.

Ok, that’s it.

See you in 2017!