Thoughts and ideas related to my work:

How can we learn from nature in the 21st Century?: A call for a ‘university of the wild’ – in Positive News.

The purpose of Fire & Shadow – a programme fit for our times. A short film with Paul Kingsnorth, author and co-founder of The Dark Mountain Project.

Integration, Naturally: An article on new kinds of progress and balance, starting with ourselves before making it happen out in the world. For the full magazine visit the Association for Coaching here.

Practicing Presence: Some tips to cultivating the art of Presence

Adventures in the Deep: A talk that turned out to be about Vision Quests and breaking the rules (recommended to start at about 4 minutes)

Lessons from the Wild – deep capacities for change: An account of seven days alone in the wild, learning from legendary John P. Milton, and lessons for organisational learning and leadership development.

Reclaim Your Right to Relax: A serious take on the power of relaxation and a need to bring this skill into all aspects of life and work

Learning Revolutions: How Foundations and NGOs can have more impact by working more collaboratively.

Creativity and all our ways of knowing: How play, art and creativity can support collaborative learning and innovation, and why we must learn with hands and heart as well as heads.

From fixed organisations to natural ‘organisings’: How to develop more dynamic, fluid and nimble ways of working and moving as wholes.

Being a learning company, free of management: An account of how Kessels & Smit, where I was a UK based colleague, set out to help others be great learning organisations by being a great learning organisation.



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