The Reconnection Revolution

Many of the world’s problems happen because we live and work through a lens of separation. But separation is just a belief. Much wisdom, many an enlightened sage, and now modern physics all show us that things are, in truth, deeply interconnected. The trick is to feel and experience this interconnection more than try to just think about it. When we do so, we will find whole new ways of living and working in harmony and sustainable prosperity. The good thing is that there seems to be a rising tide of interest, passion and action in exploring this reconnection. This is what I’m playfully calling the Reconnection Revolution.

All of my work is somehow linked to this revolution. I try to live deeply from a place of connection myself, and to help others find reconnection, balance and wholeness in different ways. I’ve learnt that connection starts with the self (I owe this to in large part to the teachings of Thich Nhat Hanh). Trusting this, continuing to try to learn and practice what I call wholeness, I’ve been able to work with others in finding new forms of balance, purpose and integration in life and work.

In 2015 I’m working on a number of initiatives to support the revolution: One of these, ‘Relax’: is about living life and from deeper place of relaxation. Except, with Way of Nature, we think that relaxation is about more than just letting our hair down at the end of the day. Rather, relaxation is a different kind of energy that opens richer presence, connection, creativity and possibility. If we’ve lost the art of relaxation in the West, Relax is about bringing the art of relaxation back for the better. To find out more, take a look at our Relaxation Unchallenge page on Facebook. Later in the year I am also running an exciting programme with the folks at Do What You Love.

Take a look at the my workshops and events section to see some of the other gatherings and initiatives I am working on to support the Reconnection Revolution.

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